Best skincare products!

I often get asked “what are the best skin care routines and best products out there”.  Since working at Charlotte Tilbury as a certified artist I have become very biased towards her skin care products.

My favourite product is the Magic Cream – it’s gorgeous! This retails at £70, which, yes, is a little steep, but compared to other brands, it’s really not that bad! I use Magic Cream every day as my daily moisturiser. It’s the perfect blend of a thick luxurious cream that soaks in fairly quickly so you aren’t left with slimy skin – just a lovely glow.

Next is the BIG pot of multi-miracle glow cleanser and balm for baby soft skin. It really does leave your skin feeling super soft. You can either massage this balm into your face and then use wet cotton pads to gently remove makeup, or you can use this balm as a lovely mask when your skin needs a little tlc.

Magic Eye Rescue is the little pot. My Mum absolutely loves this product and really feels she has noticed a difference. It helps to turn back the clock and reduce fine lines and dark circles. It’s such a light formula and smells divine.

One product I find great to use directly before applying a special occasion makeup is the Goddess Skin Clay Mask. It really does tighten pores, reduce redness, brightens the skin and makes the perfect canvas for a makeup application. It’s full of Spanish clay and sweet almond oil, which softens the skin and cleans out all dirt and imperfections.

Last but not least… WONDERGLOW! It’s a beauty flash primer with a gold pigment which helps bounce the light off the face in the most flattering angles. It has a fluorescent core and soft focuses fine lines. Charlotte call’s it ‘Gisele in a Jar’. This is a fab primer, but my favourite way to wear it is on holiday. You know that feeling when your going out for a posh dinner and you don’t want foundation dripping off your face in 30 degree heat but you want something to boost your confidence and summer tan!